Bianca Anne Braunesberger


YOGA & Pilates  

Tanz/Musikkompanie tauschfühlung


"so what?" / Cie. tauschfühlung

taking our time to come back to a concious life, which

allows us to enjoy. lose yourselves in daydreams

and colourful phantansies. get rid of stress and don't get

stuck in systems, which make us be slaves.

Musik: Stefan Zotter, Elisabeth Zotter, roleee solo,

Zane Barratt, Dani Suko

(duration: 70 Minutes)

Premiere: Theater an der Traun

"merkaba" / Cie. tauschfühlung

don't lose yourself, don't try to go solo or you will fall

so low. everything in this universe is connected.

unfortunately there is always hatred, wars and bad

influences, that make us lose this connectivity to

everything around us. you can choose...

Musik. Stefan Zotter, king paranoji

(duration: 60 Minutes)

Premiere: Werkraumtheater Kornspeicher Wels

"MÖBIUS" / Cie. tauschfühlung

never ending loops, where is the beginning,

where is the end. scientists explore infinity since ages.

is there an  answer to string theory, Möbius strips and hyperspaces?

Artistic Director: Bianca Anne Braunesberger

Dance: Kamil Mrozowski, Anna Possarnig, Bianca Anne B.

Music: mosch, peta ipomea

Visuals: Philipp Feichtinger

Premiere: ARS Electronica Center Linz, deep space

"DISSOZIATION" / Cie. tauschfühlung

selfreflections, followed by own shadows.

hidden behind multiple personalities.

dance performance by Bianca Anne Braunesberger

music: Stefan Zotter

costume: annebedesign

visuals: Philipp Feichtinger

Premiere: Schikaneder Wien

"Schlangentanz" / Cie. tauschfühlung

Snakes in dreams, philosophy, schamanism, psychology

signs for fears, enemies or fertility...

being a snake, feeling the movement quality

or being confronted with one...

dreams are the base of this production.

dance: Domenika Arnetzeder, Kamil Mrozowski,

Anna Possarnig, Bianca Anne B.

music: Stefan Zotter

costume: annebedesign

Premiere: Tanzfabrik Linz

Extract from Hairshow @ KLIPP Österreich 2016

Choreografie, künstlerische Leitung: Bianca Anne Braunesberger

Tanz: Anna Possarnig, Hannah Timbrell, Dino Kevanovic, Lucio Lopes,

Sophia Hörmann, Bianca Anne Braunesberger

Bühne: Technikart

Musik: Hey Luv - P.tah & Con

Ort: Bad Gastein